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A Chemical Free Clean

Our three step secret formula keeps your home fresh and germ free without the use of harsh chemicals and allergy causing ingredients. You work hard to give your family the healthiest food, and avoid chemicals in cosmetics, toys, and clothes. We make sure your efforts are supported throughout your home with organic cleaning supplies.

Our Lady Bug

Our Ladybug Steam Vapor System is used in our Chem-free cleaning to effectively and safely kill mold, mildew and dust mites on floors, bathrooms, carpets, mattress, draperies and more. This process will eliminate toxic chemicals, residue and odors they leave behind. Left untreated, these toxins can trigger asthma, allergies or other chemical reactions. The results are dramatic and virtually immediate.

Our Secret

Our secret to a clean and healthy home, is our Deionized Water, produced at our own local facility. This 100% chemical free solution is the only solution we use to clean your home. Deionized water attracts the ions in soil and detaches the soil from the surface with which the deionized water comes into contact. This allows the soil to be wiped away easily and effectively.

Microfiber Power

The PerfectCLEAN® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth we use, is more powerful than any dry dusting chemical or cloth. This microfiber cloth penetrates invisible crevices in surfaces to cut out dirt & grime by “trapping & removing” contaminants and absorbs them into the cleaning cloth. One more step in keeping your home and family safe from germs and bacteria.

Deep Clean. No Chemicals.

Get your home cleaner with no toxic chemicals or
harsh cleaners. A clean home should be a healthy one.

What Clients Are Saying

"I love coming home after Champagne cleans my home. It feels like a new home every time!"

~Mark, Leesburg VA

"I just switched to the Organic Chem Free with Champagne and WOW! What a difference! My son no longer sneezes when playing on the carpet and not a piece of pet hair to be found!"

~Shannon, Ashburn VA

"Champagne cleans my stainless steel appliances so well they look brand new!"

~Barbara, Dulles VA

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Contact Us

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